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About us

World Bureau of Metal Statistics is the data resource of first resort for anyone involved with the global metals industry. By outsourcing their research to us - whether via our publications or surveys tailored to their needs - organisations not only enjoy the benefit of reliable, first class data but also save significantly on cost and time.

Launched in 1947, the Bureau concentrated initially on the metals trade within the then British Empire. With the contraction of Empire, the Bureau switched focus to the world stage and began collecting and collating data from a huge number of global sources. More than half a century later, its massive and regularly updated database forms the basis of printed and electronic publications aimed at the many and varied users of metal statistics. In particular, its monthly World Metal Statistics Bulletin represents the most comprehensive data available anywhere.

The Bureau is a wholly independent and unaffiliated organisation, trusted throughout the global industry. As well as compiling and issuing publications, we can also provide data from our extensive database to assist organisations in gathering information for studies, surveys or reports. Please visit our services page for details of all our publications and database services.